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FTM Northwest

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this group is primarily for people who were assigned female at birth but no longer necessarily identify as such (female-to-male, male-to-male, genderqueer, intergendered, genderless, and other labels might apply, or not) and their friends, families, and loved ones who currently reside in the pacific northwest, which is an area that typically includes oregon, washington, idaho, british columbia, and southern alaska. if you live outside of this area but have a question or comment that is relevant to this group, you are encouraged to join and participate.

typical posts may include, but are not limited to:
- questions about the therapists, endocrinologists, physicians, and surgeons
- anything regarding support groups for ftms and soffas
- announcements for conferences or symposiums
- discussions about trans-friendly (or not so friendly) towns in the pacific northwest
- all other trans-related questions or comments

rules are pretty simple:
- keep posts on-topic. (off topic posts will be deleted)
- be respectful. (we are all learning, and sometimes we mess up. however, unchanging disrespect after multiple warnings will result in being banned)
- use lj cuts when posting more than one image or a long text post. if you have to scroll down on a standard moniter to read the entire post, add an lj cut. (if you forget, no problem, i'll remind you; i reserve the right to delete posts at will if they are lengthy and the original poster doesn't cut them.)

basically, post and comment responsibly. this includes taking responsibility for anything you say here as well as how you say it. if you're doing something problematic and refuse to take responsibility, your post will be deleted and/or you will be banned.

upon joining, you are invited to post an introduction including a short biography that details your relationship with the ftm community. this is merely an icebreaker; no worries if you don't want to.

please check out some of the other related LJ communities:
queerportland (not ftm-specific but ftm-friendly and has a fair volume of ftms)

if you have a relevant link you'd like to have added to the userinfo, or have any questions or comments or are having a problem with another member in the community that i haven't spotted yet, just send me (imfallingup)an email: imfallingup at livejournal dot com.